Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I received my Easter swap from Fiona (Fubsy) yesterday, and what a lovely gift it was too.
I opened up my package to find a beautiful little egg cosy with the most pretty embellishments, including twinkly crystals, on the top. It's just too nice to use and so will sit in my cabinet on display.

Fiona also gave me a sweet little l'occitane soap and some Kernow (Cornish) choccy bunnies. If you look very carefully there is one missing already - now how did that happen ?

Thank-you Fiona !
I have been rushing around today and just finished a biscuit making session with Boo so I am going to sit down this afternoon with a cuppa and a choccy bunny.

Fiona asked me to blog my easter swap gift to her too. I'm sure most of you have seen this on my blog before but here it is again.


Miaou said...

Oooh I love the little jewels on the top - how sweet!

Katy said...

how lovely!!!

SewToBed said...

The egg cosy is so cute!! What fab gifts to receive

AnnieB said...

that's really cute

Hana Mi said...

Tillyboo, that painting is amazing. Im looking for a girls present for a friend whos just had the 1st girl in a huge family of boys!Would you be able to do something similar for a baby girl?

Im sorry if this isnt the right way to go about this , but Im a blog rookie!