Friday, 5 December 2008

Sad news & a chance to help a charity

Hiya everyone - long time no see.

I haven't posted here in ages (I've barely posted on mine own blog too) as RL has been giving me a good kicking recently.

My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer back in April - containable but not curable, they said so we were hopeful that with the right care mum would have at least a few decent years left. That was until we discovered it had spread to her brainstem. Mum fought bravely, never once complaing or feeling sorry for herself but sadly on 17th November the cancer won. I feel like such a hole has been left in my life & can't see it ever being filled.

My sister Laura, who has been thinking about doing something mad for charity for a while, has booked herself a solo skydive for 7th February 2009 (the day after what would have been mum's 57th birthday). To help her reach her £1000 target I'm running a prize draw on my blog to win handspun yarn, hand-dyed spinning fibre (also fab for wet felting), stitch markers, etsy gift certs & a project bag - all prizes donated by some of the lovely ladies on the ravelry UK Spinners forum. Every £2 donated gets 1 entry into the draw which is open until 21st December & is open to everyone, everywhere. Full details on the prizes & how to enter can be found on my blog.

Left to right - me, mum & Laura

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A bit fed up ... No, not about dog poo this time

I don't know who put the sign on our front door that said 'All bugs please stop here' ... but thanks very much !
We spent Saturday afternoon at the out of hours doctors surgery at our local hospital after a terrible night with Boo's croup. How busy was it ? If you don't go in with something you certainly come out with something with all the coughing, spluttering, sneezing and breathing going on.
The croup has subsided but Miss Boo has been left with a horrible irritating night time cough. Sleep? What's that ? Everytime we nod off another coughing extravaganza kicks off. The whole house stinks of Olbas Oil - which is actually quite comforting. Mr Boo will come back from his travels, open up the front door and think he's stepped into the local chemist. What with the pong and the various bottle of Calpol, Nurofen, cough linctus, the inhaler, the steam breathing cup and the giant bottle of Olbas Oil.

You may wonder what the above photo of 'Charlie' the Springer has to do with all this ? Nothing, absolutely nothing but all will be revealed (possibly) in another post soon. That's all I'm saying.

Miss Boo was an angel in her nativity play and wanted wavy 'Angel' hair so we put lots of little plaits in damp hair and Voila ! Isn't it fab ? Very Pans People/ Legs and Co. for those of you who can remember them.

I just love it ! How much hair ? I've been toying with getting it cut shorter but not now, it'd be criminal.
A few odd bits and pieces. Another hair clip zipper pouch for a friend at school and a little hanging for Miss Boo's teacher as an end of term christmas gift. I'm going to make something else too and just thought something handmade would be a bit more special. She's a lovely teacher and Miss Boo loves her.

It's made from a Mohair and Wool wrap that I found in a little charity shop in Cornwall and then I felted it. The colours are wonderful, a mixture of blues and greens and it's a shame the photo's don't do them justice. It's sooooooo soft too.

Short post tonight as most of my time has been spent de-lurgyfying Boo so not a lot of crafting or otherwise going on. I've got my last event on Sunday, it's a traditional Christmas Market within the grounds of Heckfield Place, Nr Hook, Hampshire if anyone is local. It's all in aid of Naomi House, our local children's Hospice which is such an important cause. It sounds very festive with lots going on such as Head Chef cooking demonstrations, Heckfield Place History & Garden Walks, Wine Tasting plus lots more so if you are in the area please do come along and support it.

Monday, 1 December 2008

The Whizzz 'To Do' List

I'm having a stall at DSs school Christmas Fair on Saturday so I need to :
  • dig out my notes of what sold well last year
  • price up some of my bits & bobs
  • make a few cheaper things (memory wire bangles, phone & bag charms etc)
  • collect lots of pound coins & change together
  • when complete - pack all stuff into plastic carry box ready for Saturday!
Thankfully I have enough 'stock' so am fairly organised as far as general stuff to take is concerned! It's always a mad few hours though & I have learnt that all stock + table cloth must be kid-mess-proof !!

Anyone around???

Come on ladies...I thought I'd give this blog a bit of a kick and post my to do list this week.

I have set a goal of 8 cards to make. 7 Christmas and 1 Birthday card.

Here is the first one!

Despite having a hectic week ahead, I have commited myself......come and give me a boost and show me what you want to achieve this week!