Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Easter swap for Vintage Violet finished!

Until she gets it in the post, here is just a sneak peek at the Easter themed things I made for Vintage Violet!

I chose Spring colours and spent ages faffing with little details... I could have spent ages longer but if I don't get this posted before the end of the week I will be late with it! Hope you like it Megan, I am such a novice compared to most of the folk on here!


Katy said...

JBR - WHAT IS IT????!!!!! It looks very pretty!

JackBlackRoady said...

hehehe! i am so pleased with it, maybe i can become worthy of being on this blog with all you talented ppl after all!!! i am just off to post it now so i'll reveal when she gets it!!!

SewToBed said...

This looks really intriguing - I can't wait to see the whole thing

AnnieB said...

looks beautiful - can't wait to see the full thing