Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A little Self Indulgence or A Sense of Spring Challenge

A little Self Indulgence

Everyone needs a little me time, a little self indulgence. Crafting is no exception because though you love to craft it isn’t always something for you. Its something to sell, a gift to make for a friend, another thing for the kids. When was the last time you actually sat down and made something just for you? Made something for the sheer joy of your chosen craft ?

The challenge is to put on your favourite cd, sit in the middle of your crafting space, and see what the music inspire you to do. Go on be selfish and make something for you and you alone.


A Sense of Spring

Inspired by the little yellow flower I found while walking today I want you to create something inspired by the colour and essence of spring. It can be anything you like, any colour, but it must be your interpretation of spring. I know we have all been busy doing the Easter swap, but I want this to be more than chocolate bunnies, and coloured Easter eggs. This about all the things that mean spring to you, daffodils, and new born lambs, laundry snapping on the line, walks in the woods, the fresh green of new leaves and grasses. Blue skies, and bright sunshine.

as always this challenge is about fun, so please have fun with it.


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