Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Happy Book Challenge

OK, the challenge is ... are you brave enough to share some pics of your sketch books/source books?

I have blogged some pictures from my source books here - I collect pictures of images that inspire me. I'm inviting you to share some pics of your own so we can marvel at the creative process! Meridian has set the ball rolling here but would love to see some more pics.

If you can show a sketch and also the finished object, even better! It can be fascinating to see how these things change and evolve.

Here's a pic from one of my happy books to get you going ... !

1 comment:

tillyboo said...

What a lovely idea ! I have scraps of paper with doodles and scribbles on all over the places.
This has inspired me to be more organised - I might be able to find things more easily now.