Monday, 18 February 2008

Recycled and Blue!!

In answer to the "Blue" and "Recycled" challenges here is my offering.
It is made from a shirt that DS has grown out of. The design was too big to cut it down to cover a cushion but it was just big enough to squash a pillow into!!
I put the sleeves inside and sewed (sp?) the seams shut. The collar is still on (though a bit dark in the picture to see) so the neck opening was sewn shut too.


london-cheapskate said...

Saw your post on mumsnet, I am a crafter too and love the recycling angle. My blog is and my etsy shop is
Would love to join your ring

JackBlackRoady said...

that's clever recycling, my DS has a skull t-shirt similar in design, i might have to add that job to my list!