Monday, 11 February 2008

Good grief, I have completed some knitting!

Using big fat needles and bobbly wool hides a multitude of sins! I am quite pleased with this as it's lovely and soft. The wool only cost me £3 for 3 balls so it is also a bargain - even better! I am a terrible knitter and can't do anything more adventurous than plain knitting in (more or less!) equal rows!

I also started playing with blue beads today for the Challenge, but ended up dismantling things. Hopefully I will be more inspired tomorrow. I seem to have the ideas but when I sit down & try and actually put the ideas into practice, it ends up being 'not quite right'. Anyway, I have sold my purple multi strand necklace to a friend and with the proceeds I have ordered some more beads to make a couple more in different colours & my mum might also get one for Mothers Day!


clarabelle said...

Love the scarf, and thanks for your comments tillyboo.
I have now had my first lesson and came home with a great haul from my Nan - complete with old sewing machine to get me started!! Gosh I am going to be busy!
Great blog
Clare xxx

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Whizz - cute scarf! Even better that it was cheap to make. I love bargain crafting!

tillyboo said...

It's very nice Whizz, just right for these cold days. And, what a bargain !