Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lucky, lucky Jack!

My gorgeous swap has been ehre for a few days but DH kept 'needing' to use the camera...

Here they are in all their glory!
DD1 opening parcel

Very pretty bags that have been put into use as dolly picnic bags

Lana opens hers and Nessa's parcel

A Punkin! (You can't see the beading on this, must get a better pic, it's so pretty, and is in Lana's bed as a dolly pillow)

My gorgeous hand towel, I have tried to persuade DH to do the bathroom so we can put it in there!

Close up of embroidered cat with beaded eye, so pretty!

DH's present, some lovely sweets. I did point out that the parcel said for the ENTIRE FAMILY but it was too late, they had all been scoffed and/or hidden

Lana's scariest face. Just for hahas

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