Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Happy Birthdays !

Ah September, the month of Birthdays !
We have had three in our immediate family plus another two if you count a cousin and Uncle. Plus, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (on the 30th)

It was a very special birthday for my dad, his 70th. Where have all the years gone ? It's scary to think your parents are getting older and although they might drive us bonkers at times, we should be grateful that we still have them.
So, HAPPY 70th Birthday Dad ! You're a star and a poppet !!!!!! x

This little munchkin ? This is Chu-Harlie Farley Pudding and Pie ... Tilly's cousin on his 5th Birthday.
Fantastically, Dad and Charlie are both in Cornwall within 10 minutes of each other so we were able to celebrate both birthdays whilst down there. Charlie enjoyed a soft play party and Boo loved it as I don't often allow her to go as they are stinky, dirty and dangerous places up here in Berkshire. They are a last resort for me ... What a cruel mum eh ?
But the Bude Soft play was lovey and clean, fairly calm and a great layout.

Sammy, Charlie and Boo waiting for their party food, FIRST in the queue ! Samuel likes his food, his day revolves around what he's going to have for breakfast then lunch then dinner. Mind youhe has long legs to fill ...

Auntie Sah-wah cutting the fab Dino cake she made. Not sure about the manic expression on her face though. Charlie is having hysterics, can you see his face ? And look at Boo, chomping at the bit for a bit of cake. She's practically sitting on the table.

Blowing out the candles with Samuel unintentionally doing it too. He! He!

Let me at it, let me at it ... Can I have the choc buttons, ooh and the chocolate finger biscuits too. Ooh, ooh and butter icing too. Yum,yum !

A very happy party indeedy. Happy Birthday Charlie x

Sara made dad a delicious birthday cake that we took to the restuarant. Unfortunately, I am allergic to strawberries so I just sniffed it ...

We bought dad a new computer for his birthday between us all and even with a picture on the box he still had no idea what it was. He loves typing up his Fly Fishing notes but the computer he was using was a tad ancient and in danger of losing all his work.

Realisation ... Bless him, he was speechless.

We all went out in the evening for a meal. All of us, altogether ... it rarely happens, but it was lovely that we could do it.

Dad, Mum and Holly (my niece)

Me and Sara, looking very Turqwahs ... (That's posh speak for Turquoise).

Boo looking well chuffed after kidnapping Holly, her cousin. I think she might still be tied up in the pub ...

And here is Stan, Sara's new Neddy, just coming in from his Bo Bo's.

Isn't he a handsome chap ? He's flippin HUGE too ! I'd get vertigo if I rode him. He's an ex-racehorse who must think he's died and gone to heaven.

Stan having a cuddle with his mum, Sara .... I can but dream eh ?
Still, I have Archie, he keeps me busy enough so don't think I'd have time for any more four legged pals.

But, ssh ... Guess what ? Don't tell anyone but I am riding again on Friday after about 15 years out of the saddle. I'm having a half hour assessment first then hopefully it'll be a weekly occurance followed by coffee and cake afterwards. It's got to be worth it, just for that bit hasn't it ?

I'll let you know how I get on. I'm expecting not to be able to walk for a week afterwards !


Itch2stitch.com said...

Lovely post! Found it! That dino cake is brilliant, and your Dad looks very happy! Suzie. x

Pipany said...

Hurray, Bude is my home town! I miss it soooo much just now and would give my right arm to walk those cliffs...sigh x

Jodie said...

I am dead jealous of the riding bit !!!