Thursday, 22 May 2008

Cupcakes, Candy and Ice Cream- A Craft Challenge

Cupcakes, Candy and Ice Cream- A Craft Challenge

Who can resist the lure of freshly baked and iced cupcakes, sticky sweet candy, and ice cream melting on a hot summer day? This challenge is to craft something with a cupcake, candy or ice cream theme an essential part of summertime and of childhood. Knit an ice cream cone, paint a cupcake, make a card with candy shapes, create jewellery in candy coloured tones, or create softies in candy coloured fabrics. If you need more inspiration feel free to sit down with a bar of chocolate, or a bowl of ice cream, or a handful of your children’s gummy sweets, essential crafting materials most assuredly. So have fun and try not to get too much of a sugar high.


Ickle Pickle said...

What a yummy photo. I've been blog hopping and found you. It seems almost every blog I've been on there has been a yummy piece of cake or something sugary to tempt me from my diet LOL. Your blog looks great BTW :)

Candeez said...

I love cupcakes!